Rest In Peace, Dr. John B. Watson -- April 1998 - January 8, 2013

One of the unfortunate things about dogs is that their lifespans are so short compared to ours. Schnauzers that are more than 14 years old are somewhat rare. At age 11, they really begin to deteriorate. Watson was no exception.

About 3 years ago, Watson began to show signs of blindness. Cataracts had set in, but he got around fairly well. During the middle of the Summer of 2012, he began to show signs of advanced age, and by October, he was exhibiting a condition called idiopathic vestibular syndrome. He would run in very tight clockwise circles, with his head tilted at an angle, like he was chasing his tail.

All the tests including ultrasound, MRI and a spinal tap were negative. According to one of the veterinarians, he had a normal amount of brain atrophy, but that was about all.

I began to give him certain vitamin and mineral supplements that one of the vets had recommended. Watson showed a little improvement for a while, but ultimately it was quite evident that he was very ill. His kidneys began to break down, and it became obvious to me that his quality of life was nil. He was also showing signs of deafness.

So, it was my obligation to him as a responsible "dog daddy" to have him euthanized. My fiancee, Julia A. Wagner, DVM, offered to provide the service for me. This was good because Watson knew her, and he would feel comfortable with her. I held him as she administered the potions.

On January 8, 2013, Watson left this plane of existence and became one with the universe once more. This was an appropriate day for this event, because it was his late mother, Carol's, birthday.

Holmes and I both miss Watson. He liked to snuggle up next to me in the bed and lie on his side, with his back against my rather abundant chest and stomach. And he was the alpha dog of the two, even though he was smaller than Holmes.

On Sunday, January 20, Julie brought me his ashes, and we sprinkled them on Carol's grave.

So now, they are reunited.

Rest in peace, my little friend!

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